DJ Notebook

20th Century Radio in the 21st Century

With Rick Minerd

What exactly is Blue Color Radio?

The phrase “Blue Color Radio” is an attitude as well as a metaphor for where we live and how we do things.

Broadcasting from, and paying homage to the old south end of Columbus, Ohio.

Semantics aside, we tossed the spelling coin and it landed on color instead of collar!

Linquistics can be a complicated study, but in layman language, “Heartlites” is as blue color as it is blue collar!

Back to the attitude thing: we celebrate our roots down here in a neighborhood where  colorful, or blue language is not only tolerated but can usually be expected from some of us old south side dirty butts.

Lifers like us are typically unapologetic when using “blue” language,  whether  weaved into everyday conversations or directed at things and people that either please us or don’t.

Ever miss the nail and hit your thumb with a hammer?

We plead guilty to being colorful when it best describes who we are, especially when a little attitude is needed to be different than the rest. And if we weren’t,  then what would be the point in all the effort that goes into making what we believe is the very best radio we know how?

Simply stated, “Blue Color Radio” is radio with no boundaries!