DJ Notebook

Heartlites Radio, Stereo 104, Columbus, Ohio 43206    “The Hood” 
1960s-1970s Pop Gold!
“Driven By Imagination, Powered By Enthusiasm!”
Rick Minerd. Copyright 2021
Also check out our country cousin!   
Best Oldies Radio 99.1 for Classic Country Hits!
“Oldies With An Accent!”
Rick Minerd, Copyright 2021
“Clear And Present Evidence Suggests That Hearlites And Best Oldies Radio Is What Guglielmo Marconi Envisioned, When On 17 December 1902, a transmission from the Marconi Station in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada, became the world’s first radio message to cross the Atlantic from North America. For On That Date The Oldies Revolution Was Born!”

“Please Listen Responsibly. This Is Radio With No Boundaries”  

Rick Minerd, Program/Music Director, Air Personality.
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