DJ Notebook

20th Century Radio in the 21st Century

With Rick Minerd

The typical noise, chaos, and  drama that used to be all around me has been replaced with some needed inner-peace and quiet, and a whole lot of personal reflection as I continue to keep a lower profile than ever before.  Being at no one’s beckoning,  and  on nobody’s schedule has not only lowered the bar of expectations, there no longer is a bar for me to go under or over!

Best defined by the word “retirement” my self imposed circumstances are not the result of only reaching an age or a  place in life anyone could plan for; In fact, how I go about my days and nights usually unfolds without much thought until I decide I am going to do something!

Some might call it a waste, reckless or haphazard way to spend time, while others wouldn’t be wrong if they suggested that I just gave up on wanting any more than I have, or trying too hard to please anyone but myself!   If I can make others smile or at least “get it”  by simply being me then no harm or foul to either of us regardless of what we expect, or believe, and we can go about our business of doing what we want or need to do.

Smiles are optional for us both.

I have become about simplicity after decades of being on schedules that were drawn up by someone else and having to follow guidelines anytime I was expected to be in places others expected me to be.  Keeping it as simple as I can to remember the best parts of those years while not losing sight of what I took from all of it and where it brought me is very important to me, and this Internet radio station is a reflection of that.

The energy I put into this is only the energy I have to spare.  But I believe if you listen carefully it will sound very much like a radio forum that required more people, more thought, and more planning than just a simple idea to recreate something that was so much a part of my life for so long, and as it was being developed it did!

The best we can do is never easy, but when we are ready to attach our signature to it the hard part is over! What is being broadcast here is the harvest of good ideas that were planted by good mentors over a period of many years, and paying attention to the details I needed to along that journey to be wherever it is you and I are,  and whatever we are sharing right now.