About Rick & “Heartlites”


 How I became a radio Porn Star!

Clock here to find out!  http://deejaye1.blogspot.com/2016/03/being-porn-star-on-radio.html

Thank you for visiting what I believe is one of the easiest Internet radio stations to listen to, anywhere!

I spent a good number of years working in commercial radio in Columbus, Ohio (from the early 1970s through  the early 1990s), back when AM & FM stations sounded friendlier than many do today.

“Heartlites” is pretty close to how I remember the ones I plied my trade in; it is laid back and so am I!

In a world that changes and moves faster than it ever did in my lifetime, this is my oasis away from the chaos that continues to get crazier and more disturbing every day it seems. There are no  shocking or dangerous news-stories here; just me and a very big box of  old records to play!

I hope you enjoy the music, and if you were born before Pac Man or the Mario Brothers became American icons I think you may. If you remember when telephones all needed to be wired to walls or mounted on poles, you will probably remember most of these songs, and if you would prefer driving a 1966 Ford Mustang instead of a Toyota Prius, then there is a very good chance we have something good in common.

Among the things that bring me the most joy is good music, classic American cars,  old black & white television shows and movies, dogs, cats and other creatures from the animal kingdom. As for people; I prefer being in the company of those that look at things for what they are and who don’t waste a lot of time  trying to change as many things as they possibly can by arguing their points or trying to change me.

When commercial radio began dying as we knew it, I joined the law enforcement community and I was a damn good cop for 20 years. Since retiring from all of that I became a writer and I want to believe I  write well. I shared a link here on “Heartlites” where samples of some of my work can be explored. I have authored several books (all of them biographical in nature) and I have written a number of blogs and articles for printed news publications. If I were ever asked to describe myself in one sentence it may read this way; “I am a 20th Century man in the 21st Century.

The way I see it, I was lucky enough to make it this far here by simply being myself!

Thanks for visiting “Heartlites” and if you like it please visit often!   Rick