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144 Pages
     Rick Minerd launches a satirical “Men’s Liberation Movement”
and makes his prediction for the 2016 Presidential race, and why he
believes one candidate may have an insurmountable edge over the
    “It is time for “real” men to stop being pushed around by
the radical left, quit pussy-footing  with politics, and
rediscover their manhood.”
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In no uncertain terms, Rick Minerd is at it again!
Stirring up controversy in the 21st Century while
staying grounded to his 20th Century roots.
So, what’s new? Just another angry old white man
defending his views and some shared by other angry
old white men. Rick takes a look at where he believes
the country is headed, where it has been and the
2016 presidential election. Tongue-in-cheek look at
political correctness in America today and why he
wants no part of it! Contains adult language.

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